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Welcome to Aquaspersions

Aquaspersions Limited was established in 1974 as a UK-based manufacturer of high-quality, water-based additives for the polymer and associated industries. Initially we served the synthetic and natural rubber latex markets, providing a comprehensive range of curing and stabilising additives. As the company has grown, we have taken the lead in developing state-of-the-art dispersion technology in order to meet the changing product needs of this market. We have also diversified into providing stabilising additives for the manufacture of ABS and PVC and also produce our range of ‘Ceasefire’ flame retardant dispersions for many water-based applications. More recently, we have developed many specialty water-based ingredients for adhesives, coatings and textile applications such as the Aquarez polymer emulsions. Our sister company Aquaspersions Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur and enables us to offer global supply of our products.

We are now a world leader in the manufacture of aqueous colloidal dispersions and emulsions. Our quality standards are second to none and we take a pride in our flexible approach to business and in our technical capability. We encourage our current and potential customers to tell us their requirements – we can usually make it happen!

Increasing sales drives Aquaspersions’ expansion

In response to continued sales growth Aquaspersions has increased warehouse capacity at its Halifax, United Kingdom -production site. The opening of the new warehouse frees up …
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Polyvinylbutyral emulsions for durable coatings

March 26, 2018

Aquaspersions introduce two further grades of polyvinylbutyral emulsion aimed at the production of 1 and 2 component coatings for metals, glass and plastics. Aquarez PVB DP548-36 can be …
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Nitrosamine free accelerators

March 8, 2017

Aquaspersions have introduced two new accelerator dispersions.   Aquaccel Z and Aquaccel 10 have been developed for use in vulcanising  lattices without generation of harmful N-nitrosamine by products.   These …
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