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Latest News

Increasing sales drives Aquaspersions’ expansion

In response to continued sales growth Aquaspersions has increased warehouse capacity at its Halifax, United Kingdom -production site. The opening of the new warehouse frees up further space for expansion of production facilities and is a major investment to support continued increase in the sales of aqueous emulsions and dispersions to synthetic polymer producers, users of natural lattices and formulators of coating and adhesives

Polyvinylbutyral emulsions for durable coatings

Aquaspersions introduce two further grades of polyvinylbutyral emulsion aimed at the production of 1 and 2 component coatings for metals, glass and plastics. Aquarez PVB DP548-36 can be used alone or with additional crosslinker; Aquarez DP PVB548-47XL is a thermally activated self-crosslinking product. Both products show excellent adhesion and resistance

Nitrosamine free accelerators

Aquaspersions have introduced two new accelerator dispersions.   Aquaccel Z and Aquaccel 10 have been developed for use in vulcanising  lattices without generation of harmful N-nitrosamine by products.   These products are particularly suitable for production of baby teats, soothers  gloves and condoms

European Coatings Show 4-6 April 2017

234x60_enAquaspersions will be exhibiting at the European Coating Show .   At the event we will be showcasing Aquarez PVB and EVA emulsions designed for  peelable coatings and heat seal adhesives, Aqualink water based isocyanate crosslinkers, and our range of additives for the coating and adhesives industries.   We will be in Hall 4   stand 4-243.   Make an appointment to discuss your needs – we would be happy to see you - Read more about our product offering here  Aquaspersions – extending the range of water based coatings and adhesive products

PEEK dispersions

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymers are admired for their durability with excellent mechanical stability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.  Aquaspersions’ expert scientists have developed a water based dispersion of PEEK polymer and now offering sampels for evaluation.   Aquarez PK10 is a PEEK polymer dispersion suitable for application using traditional coating methods and for easy blending with other polymer dispersions.    Please contact Aquaspersions for further deatails.

Changes of senior managment roles

From 1st August 2014 Mike Richardson has become Chief Executive Officer of the Aquaspersions group of companies.   At the same time Alan Bewsher is promoted to Manging Director of Aquaspersions UK Ltd.

Aquarez Production

Having given the go ahead last August for the building of our first production facility for our new Aquarez polymer emulsion technology, we can now announce that installation and commissioning are now complete. A great achievement to all to bring this project in on schedule.

Barkisland Cricket Club.

We are proud to announce our continued sponsorship of Barkisland Cricket Club. We wish them a very successful season in the Huddersfield Cricket League Premiership.

Marta Spytkowski.

We welcome Marta who joins our growing Finance Department as a Finance Assistant. With a wealth of experience from her previous role, Marta has attained AAT level 3 recently and is currently studying for level 4.

Committed to Innovation & Product Development

Aquaspersions re-invests a significant proportion of turnover in it’s research and development activities. As a company we are committed to providing our customers with fast and effective product development. As such, we have a team of highly skilled graduate scientists who are involved in the development and scale-up of all new products. They are also a valuable bank of knowledge on our existing products/applications and are able to provide our current and potential customers with technical information and quickly answer their questions.