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Thripstick II

  • A 60% active water based emulsion of a low molecular weight hydrocarbon polymer
  • It was developed for use as a physical trap for ground pupating and weak flying insects such as Thrips, Sciarids, Leaf Miners and Spider Mites in commercial horticulture and tissue culture applications. Ideal for use in glasshouses to protect crops such as soft fruits, salad, vegetables and flowers.
  • It is suitable for onward formulation with a wide range of actives and attractants.
  • Glasshouse coverage rates vary according to local conditions; at 50% dilution, an application rate of 250 - 750 litres per hectare (20 - 60 gallons per acre) is effective. Reapplication is recommended every 6 - 8 weeks, or as necessary to maintain the tackiness.
Total Solids (%)


Specific Gravity




Viscosity (cps)


Particle Size (Microns)

d95 < 5

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