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50% Aquanox LDLA-LV

  • A 50% active APEO free, water based emulsion of a synergistic blend of a primary phenolic antioxidant (‘L’ type) and a secondary Thioester antioxidant (DLTDP)
  • A highly effective antioxidant stabiliser combination, specifically designed for the protection of synthetic latex against thermal degradation. It is especially suited to engineering polymers requiring food contact approvals (e.g. ABS and MBS), but is also very effective in SBR latex.
  • Low viscosity, easy to handle water based form and exhibits excellent storage stability
  • Addition is normally recommended in the range 0.5 - 2% as an antioxidant in elastomeric polymer systems.
  • Wide ranging food contact approvals (FDA, BfR, EU 10/2011)
Total Solids (%)


Specific Gravity




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