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Flame Retardants

Our ‘Ceasefire’ brand has become the standard for high quality dispersions and emulsions of flame retardant chemicals for use in textile coating, intumescent coatings and latex foam manufacture. In addition to our range of Chlorinated Paraffins, we have recently introduced halogen-free formulations for intumescent coating formulations. For textile and latex foam applications we offer dispersions of the very effective Brominated compounds and also combinations of these in various ratios with Antimony Trioxide activator. We also offer fully formulated products which are designed to be used to comply with BS testing methods.
Recent additions to the range have been our Ceasefire BD20, which is the first true alternative to DBDPO (‘Deca’) in terms of performance. We have also launched  Ceasefire SP in response to market demand for Halogen-free systems.