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Ceasefire B20

  • A 60% active, APEO free, water-based dispersion of a flame retardant containing both aromatic and aliphatic bromine
  • Suitable for use as a cost effective, flame retardant in a wide variety of polymer and resin systems including PVC, polyolefins, styrenics, polyamides and elastomers. It is compatible with a broad range of both halogenated and halogen free flame retardants.
  • Proven as a direct and safe alternative to Decabromodiphenyloxide (DBDPO) for many textile applications.
  • Supplied in a stable, easy to handle, water based form and exhibits excellent storage stability.
  • Manufactured to a very fine particle size and narrow distribution. This provides increased performance of the active molecule, leading to a more cost effective solution.
Total Solids (%)


Specific Gravity




Viscosity (cPs)


Partcile Size (Microns)


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