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Isocyanate Cross-Linkers

Our Aqualink range of crosslinkers serve a wide variety of adhesive and coatings applications.
Aqualinks U and D are both designed for use in combination with Polyurethane dispersions (PUD’s).  Aqualink U  is most commonly used as a latent crosslinker in the formulation of 1K membrane press adhesives, but it can also be used in textile and coatings applications to give storage-stable formulas which crosslink at low temperature.
Our new product, Aqualink D, is similar to Aqualink U, but utilises a TDI-Free, non-aromatic isocyanate. This makes it especially suitable for use in automotive 3D-press adhesives and in Latent-reactive coating or film applications.
Aqualink X products have higher activation temperature and are therefore intended for 1K ‘stoving’ type coating applications with –OH functional polymers, but are also used in adhesives.
We can offer advice on the formulation of products containing Aqualink, so please ask. We can also offer custom-design of this type of crosslinker, so do let us know your requirements.