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Light Stabilisers

Our Aquanox UV range of solvent free stabiliser additives consists of hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), UV absorbers (UV-A) and synergistic blends. UV-A stabilisers filter harmful UV light and essentially prevent discoloration and delamination of coatings, while HALS scavenge free radicals once they from and essentially retain surface properties of the polymer/binder, such as gloss, prevention of cracking and chalking. Our Aquanox UV product range offers highly effective chemistries in an easy to handle physical form. This allows the use of molecules that are otherwise very difficult to incorporate directly, particularly for clear or opaque formulations.

Aquanox OB is quite a recent development and is a unique product in that for the first time water-based formulators can easily dose this well-known Optical Brightener into their systems.