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Aquarez PVB 701

  • A water-based dispersion of a Polyvinyl Butyral plasticised with castor oil, suitable for use in coating and adhesive applications
  • Aquarez PVB 701 contains a medium molecular weight base polymer that produces a film with superior tensile strength, excellent water resistance and high transparency when dried at room temperature.
  • It is suitable for use in Protective Coatings, Strippable Coatings and as a Textile Binder where prolonged exposure to water, wet and/ or high humidity conditions are a concern
  • PVB:plasticiser ratio 7:3
  • PVB 701 has excellent storage stablity and good compatibility with other water ased polymer dispersions
Total solids content (%)


Viscosity (mPas)




Particle size (micron)


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