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Aquarez T85E

  • A stable, fine particle size aqueous emulsion of rosin ester resins (Active softening point 70°C)
  • It will tackify a wide range of water-based polymers, including SBR and Acrylic types. Recommended for use in label and tape pressure sensitive adhesives as a tackifier for acrylic latex polymers. The use of this product also can improve adhesion on polyolefinic substrates whilst maintaining high cohesive strength.
  • Supplied as a low viscosity, easy to handle water based form and exhibits excellent storage stability
  • Manufactured to a fine particle size and narrow distribution, which ensures high dispersion stability.
  • Food contact (FDA 21CFR 175.105 )
Total Solids (%)


Specific Gravity




Viscosity (cPs)


Particle Size (Microns)

d95 < 2

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