Aquarez T95P

General Description

A stable, fine particle size dispersion of Terpene Phenolic Resin which will tackify a wide range of water-based polymers, including SBR and Acrylic types.   Recommended for use in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Contact Adhesives and Industrial Adhesives. The use of this product also can improve adhesion profile on a variety of substrates whilst maintaining high shear strength.  

Product Features

95'C Softening Point

Fine particle size emulsion

Promotes adhesion to difficult substrates

Compatible with a wide range of polymers

FDA 175.105 (adhesives) compliant

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Typical Properties

Total Solids

42.5 %

Active Solids

40 %

Viscosity (RVT)

1000 cPs



Specific Gravity

1 g/cm3

Particle Size

2 micron